The Research Triangle area, located within the upper Cape Fear and Neuse River basins, is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the Nation. Growth has increased demand for water from public suppliers, the majority of which draw water from streams and lakes in the region. Growth also brings the threat of greater loads of contaminants and new contaminant sources that, if not properly managed, could adversely affect water quality.

The Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring Project (TAWSMP) is a collaborative partnership between local governments to monitor drinking water supplies in the region through joint efforts. The Project is enabled through a series of Interlocal Agreements among all of the local government Partners, agreements between the Partners and TJCOG, and Joint Funding Agreements between the Partners and USGS. The TAWSMP local government partners share the cost of the program with the USGS. A Steering Committee comprised of one representative from each Partner reviews and adjusts these agreements to accommodate community needs before each new Phase. Through this work, the TAWSMP has conducted water quality and stream gauge analyses for the last 30 years, and has compiled one of the most robust continuous water supply monitoring datasets in the nation.

Browse the site for more details about this important project in the Triangle region, and use the Contact page if you have questions or would like more information.

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